Tips for a Successful Interview

Some tips for a successful interview. From basics to intense, read the following article that our recruitment specialists have put together for your consideration. Make a great first impression, last!


  • Always be punctual.

Never be late for an interview. To be safe, always make considerations for transport problems, traffic or any unforeseen trouble you may run into on your way to the interview. Rather be early for an interview to show eagerness and drive.


  • Rather be overdressed than underdressed.

You would set an impressionable statement if you are overdressed rather than underdressed. Dressing up for an interview shows that you are presentable and show care for your work. You would set a more lasting impression if you have to be more overdressed than the interviewer!


  • Research the company you are interviewing for, beforehand.

There is nothing worse than a candidate that has not researched the company at all.

It shows preparation to be able to understand the product or service or to be able to ask the right questions. This displays initiative and commitment to be prepared.


  • Pay attention to your body language and make eye contact.

I know that it may be intimidating to look an interviewer in the eye especially when you are nervous. However, it always makes a more of a positive statement when the interviewer feels engaged.

Chances are that they have interviewed more than one individual and therefore you would need to stick out more. Sit up straight and lean in from time to time to show a more relaxed and professional body language.


  • Ask insightful information.

It is always a positive when a candidate asks questions pertaining to the company or their position. It shows interest and preparation. It also gives the candidate a chance to engage with the interviewer and perhaps find some common ground to get off on. This would always leave a lasting impression.


  • Mind your manners.

It would seem that this should be a given, however, people seem to sometimes forget when they are nervous and under pressure. It is important to show respect and understanding when in an interview. Be mindful with your manners and actions as this will present a respectable persona.


  • Always be honest.

Always be honest but not to a fault. Congruence is key. The interviewer does not want to know about every little detail, just be honest in your answers and to the point, do not ramble. Remember, interviewers can generally pick up when you are lying or evading your answers.